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Beluga Lentils

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LENS CULINARISLentils have been grown in the Middle East for over 100,000 years, where they were domesticated from the wild species Lens orientalis.Beluga lentils probably got their name form the caviar that they resemble. They are grown in cool dry climates, such as Canada, (which grows about a third of the world's lentils), and unlike their red and yellow cousins retain their shape when cooked. They absorb other flavours well, and are high in anthocyanins.Sowin a weed free bed, as the plants start slowly and do not compete well with weeds. Keep well weeded throughout the season. When the pods mature and the lentils are hard, harvest the plants whole and dry in awarm airy place. Thresh the plants in a bag or sieve. Approx 50 seeds