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Helena Husinec


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Gherkin 'Hokus' is a small green Gherkin variety, which can be cultivated without the use of a greenhouse, as long as the ground is sheltered and amply fertilised. The plants can be grown vertically up netting or can be grown horizontally.
This is an excellent variety for preservation, smaller with a finer skin, the fruit is usually harvested when quite small and young 8 to 10cm (3 to 4in) and mainly used for pickling in vinegar and brine, with or without sugar and various herbs and/ or spices to taste.

Gherkin Hokus is suitable for indoor and outdoor sowing and ideal for container growing, the plants can be grown vertically up netting or horizontally as well which initially requires less labour.
The skin is medium green in colour with dark green spots. The prolific plants can be harvested over a long period, to prevent them from growing wildly, it is possible to lead back or cut the tendrils.
Small-spined, seedless, crunchy-sweet cucumbers. Harvest fully developed, no more than the width of a child’s finger. The fruits have firm flesh that hold well and are very uniform in shape which is important when trying to get all those little devils into those jars!

10 seeds per packet