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Brown Envelope Seeds

Mixed packets

This is for shops or others to order a mix of packets. For your convenience we have added a mixed packet button. That way we will pick the seeds for you, if you don’t want to pick them yourself. The website seed packet price is €2.80. We give a discount of 10% on orders over €50, and 12 % on orders over €250. This means that if you buy 90 packets or more they cost you €2.46. feel free to mark them up however you like. Gift boxes etc, are discounted by the same amount. Seeds are packed for the current year. They are alive and respire. In warm damp conditions they will use up their reserves of energy and eventually die. Their shelf life depends on atmospheric conditions. Cool dry conditions are best. They should be displayed out of direct sunlight. If you have any more questions please e-mail or phone.