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Brown Envelope Seeds

Pixie Hat Paprika

Abundant and early yields of smooth tapering pepper.

The real name of these is Paprika Rocni Korinova pro pole Hodiniska Sladka Vzprimena which means sweet upright from Hodenin,but that is a bit of a mouth-full, These are peppers for making paprika powder. Of course you can also eat them fresh too. They are sweet, in the sense that they are not hot. To make your own paprika, dry them until they are crisp. (I did them in a dehydrator and then finished them off in a slow oven. (A window sill in a warm room might do it), then grind in a coffee grinder. They were quite early to ripen, we grew them indoors but they might be worth a shot outdoors.

Average Gardener pack : 20 seeds / packet.

Average Grower pack : 200 seeds / packet.