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'Aleppo' Chili Pepper

Aleppo peppers (Capsicum annum) are used to make a common Middle Eastern, Turkish and Mediterranean condiment. Typically the peppers are dried, de-seeded and then coarsely ground. Considered a flavour enhancer, like salt or pepper, it provides gentle heat with a touch of fruity sweetness and cumin-like tones. Aleppo pepper is used to season a variety of dishes including beans, salads, dips and meat.

A moderately hot chili (10,000 on the Scoville scale) with pods of a burgundy red colour growing ~8cm in length. Named after the ancient northern Syrian city which is located on the Silk Road. With the ongoing tragedy of war torn Syria, most Aleppo pepper is now produced in Turkey where it also widely grown.

Aleppo pepper plants are grown just like any other C. annum. Mine got to 80cm tall and were quite bushy with a lot of close branching. They would probably benefit from some pruning to improve air flow and access for the sun but I never got around to it.

Average 15 seeds per packet.