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Paul Lyons 'Black Knight' Runner Bean €3,00 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Black Russian' Broad Bean €3,00 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Capucijner' Purple Podded Pea €3,00 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Cayenne' Chilli €3,00 EUR
Seeds by Coralie 'Garnet Oak Leaf' Lettuce €2,80 EUR
Seeds by Coralie 'Hunter' Climbing French Bean Sold Out
Paul Lyons 'Kelvedon Wonder' Garden Pea Sold Out
Paul Lyons 'Mooskrause 2' Curled Parsley €3,00 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Peredovik' Sunflower €3,00 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Quadro' Tomato €3,00 EUR
Seeds by Coralie 'Red Russian' Kale €2,80 EUR
Seeds by Coralie 'Tommy Toe' Tomato Sold Out
Seeds by Coralie 'Vectra' Broad Bean €2,80 EUR
Seeds by Coralie 'Verde a Foglia Riccia' Lettuce €2,80 EUR
Paul Lyons 'Zebrune' Shallot €3,00 EUR
Brown Envelope Seeds 2022 Catalogue Free
Brown Envelope Seeds Abundan Bloomsdale Spinach €2,80 EUR
My Flower Garden Seeds Achillea Cloth of Gold €3,00 EUR
Ciara’s Seeds Achocha 'Fat Baby' €2,80 EUR
Brown Envelope Seeds Ananas €2,80 EUR
My Flower Garden Seeds Anthemis Tinctoria E. C. Buxton mix €3,00 EUR
Brown Envelope Seeds April Awned Wheat €2,80 EUR
Brown Envelope Seeds Aquadulce €2,80 EUR
Helena Husinec Aqualegia €3,00 EUR