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Corn and SweetCorn

Sow the seeds indoors in pots or modules in April or outdoors in May or early June. Corn needs full sun, warm weather and plenty of compost in the soil. As the it is wind pollinated the plants should be arranged in a block with at least four rows of plants 60cm to 90cm apart. Within the rows the plants need to be about 30cm apart. The cobs are produced on the side of the plants with the corn-silk protruding. Pollen must land on this for the kernals to be produced. After the seeds have been fertilised they begin to swell and the silk dries out. This is when it is ready to be used as sweetcorn. For corn meal or seed corn the cobs are left on the plant until the plant dies back. Then the cobs are harvested and dried. The seeds are rubbed off the cobs and ground into flour. Small amounts can be done in a coffee grinder.
Helena Husinec Golden Bantam Sweet Corn €3,00 EUR