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Anthemis Tinctoria E. C. Buxton mix

Anthemis tinctoria ‘E.C Buxton’. This herbaceous perennial is a gorgeous bright yellow that brightens up the garden on a dull summer's day. The fine grey-green leaves are evergreen so that you have some structure all year round. Then in mid-summer you are hit with a burst of lemon-yellow flowers. If you keep dead-heading the gone over flowers, the plant will continue to flower right into late summer and even early autumn if you're lucky enough.

Anthemis love a sunny, well-drained spot in a pot or in the garden. If in a pot, they would need to be transferred into the garden after at least two seasons of flowering. Once it finishes flowering in the autumn, just cut it back so you're not left with the gone over flower heads or leave it until the springtime. This acts as a habitat for the tiny insects over the winter, so by doing this you're adding to biodiversity in your garden.

Sowing: broadcast seeds on tge surface of compost on an open seed tray.

Germination: 14-18 days

Quantity: 80 seeds approx.