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Chilli Pepper 'Guatemalan Orange'

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A Capsicum pubescens chili with medium large fairly hot orange coloured fruits. The latin name refers to the hairy leaves of this pepper and, along with the black seeds, is what marks them out from the other Capsicum species. This type of chili are also often referred to as ‘Bolivian Hairy’ or ‘Rocoto’ chilies. This one originates from Guatemala of course and I sourced the seed from a chili enthusiast in La Palma.

It can be used like any chili – fresh, made into a paste or dried. The flesh is thicker than other chilies and has a higher moisture content. They are quite juicy. I prefer to cook them fresh and use other chilies like cayenne for drying.

As Capsicum pubescens grows at higher elevations than other species it is relatively cold tolerant and hardier than other chilis. It still won’t survive frost but it is possible to overwinter them in Ireland if they are brought in and protected for the winter months.

Start seeds as early as possible with supplementary heat and light if necessary. The plants should have as much vegetative growth as possible before flowering and producing chilis. They can be grown in pots but large pots are needed to allow the plants to reach their full potential.

Average 15 seeds per packet.