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Dwarf French Bean 'Aura'

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One I tried in my pursuit of good dwarf beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) to produce dry beans in Ireland. I sourced ‘Aura’ from Poland where it is grown on large scale and was reported to be a very early maturing variety and highly resistant to diseases. It was both those in 2023 where it produced a healthy crop of dry beans in the very wet and windy summer.

Strong stems which keep the beans off the ground and prevent the crop from lodging. Plants are about 40cm tall and flowers are white. When ripe the pods are pale yellow. If weather is bad when ready to be harvested the whole plants can be pulled up and brought inside to dry before shelling.

Wait until the soil has warmed up sufficiently if direct sowing. This means May/June in Ireland. Sow ~10cm apart in rows with 50cm between.

Average 30 seeds per packet.