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Leek Blue Green Winter 'Husky'

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A robust winter hardy leek with blue green shimmery leaves. I think leeks are an indispensable crop if you are trying to be self sufficient in vegetables. Ready to be harvested from October but can be left in the ground all winter and used as needed right through the hungry gap.

Though a late harvesting crop, it is important to sow leeks early to get them to a nice size. They are also relatively slow to germinate. I sow in pots from March and then transplant in or around the longest day of the year. I find that leek seedlings do better when the roots have access to mineral soil so I fill a pot with soil and top up the last few centimeters with seed compost when sowing. The seedlings are unfussed about being pulled apart and handled when planting outside.

Average 120 seeds per packet.