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Mibuna (Brassica rapa) is considered a Japanese vegetable and named after the town of Mibu where it has grown for centuries. The long narrow leaves can be used at any stage for salads. They get a bit tougher and stronger tasting as the plant ages and are then ideal for cooking and stir frying. Grows in a clump form and is perfectly suited to pick and come again treatment.

Sow from April to September outside or almost anytime indoors. I find it very cold hardy. Can be direct sown or raised in modules. I usually prefer the latter to get a head start on slugs. Like other Brassica salads, flea beatle can be a problem - keeping them well watered in dry periods will help.

Being a mustard species mibuna produces a lot of seed. It's a good candidate for growing seed for microgreens or baby leaf salad.

Average 200 seeds per packet.
10g is approx 3000 seeds