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Helena Husinec

Oregon Sugar Snap

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Mange tout peas have become a popular alternative to standard shelling varieties. They’re grown in the same way, but harvested while the pods are still flat and the peas inside barely visible. Mange tout pea plants are very hardy, and may be sown in autumn to overwinter and provide early pickings the following spring. Crops remain usable for several weeks before the peas eventually swell and make the pods coarse and fibrous. Mange tout peas are perfect for eating raw in salads or steamed or stir-fried. Pisum sativum ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’ bears large, fleshy pods with a wonderful sweet flavor. It bears heavy yields over a long season and shows good resistance to mildew. Grow Pisum sativum ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’ in moist  but well-drained soil in full sun. Support plants with twiggy sticks or pea netting. Harvest the pods often to keep the plants cropping.

Approx. 5g per pack (20peas per pack)