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Helena Husinec

Principe Borghese

Principe Borghese tomatoes are known for their exceptional flavor when dried, making them a popular choice for sun-drying. Their small size and high flesh-to-seed ratio make them perfect for dehydrating, as they concentrate the tomato flavor even further.

When fully ripe, Principe Borghese tomatoes turn a vibrant red color and have a distinctive plum shape. They typically measure around two inches in length and weigh one to two ounces. The tomatoes have a thin skin that is easy to remove, revealing a thick and meaty flesh with few seeds and little juice.

The flavor of Principe Borghese tomatoes can be described as rich and classic, embodying the authentic taste of tomatoes. Due to their robust flavor, they are widely used in sauces and preserving recipes. The tomatoes' natural sweetness and acidity balance make them excellent for adding depth to tomato-based dishes.

Additionally, Principe Borghese plants are well-suited for warm climates and can withstand high temperatures. They are known to be prolific producers, meaning they can yield a significant amount of tomatoes over the course of the growing season.

Whether enjoyed fresh, sun-dried, or used in various culinary creations, Principe Borghese tomatoes are a versatile and flavorful choice that embodies the essence of Italian heirloom varieties.