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Red Haricot Bean 'Stop'

This red haricot bean came from Hodmedod’s in the UK. It is a variety which was bred by the late Colin Leakey who was a prolific plant scientist and breeder. He had a lot of expertise with Phaseolus vulgaris in particular and was heavily involved with adapting beans to grow better in UK conditions.

‘Stop’ is grown as a canning bean in the UK so it is a bush variety for combining. I’m not sure if combining beans in Ireland will ever be feasible due to the necessity for dry conditions at ripening and harvest time. However, at a home scale, whole plants can be pulled in to bring in and dry when weather dictates. It is possible to grow a considerable amount of your own protein this way. A few square meters yields around a kilo of dried beans. I found it grew very easily, ripened early and had a good yield.

Average 30 seeds per packet.